Thursday, August 25, 2016

Shaking trees loose.

16 relays in a 4x4 Matrix Contact Mic'd and Controlled by 2 Oscillators
On Cassette Tape Slowed Down, and Multiplied

from upcoming "music that is slow."


Unbroken footage from closed loop feedback system (w/ mirrors)


the product of sitting in the dark and the heat alll summer.

Monday, April 4, 2016

the 13th day of the 4th month

Bell Organ Study no. 3

MIDI Automated Carillon

with 20 chromatic bells like these: 

made at
Ashcan Electron Obedience School
residency at Outpost Artist Resources
                                                                                                        Ridgewood, Queens

Thursday, February 25, 2016


"mythos of the machine dreams dreaming...

an audio visual art installation.

Secret Project Robot is pleased to announce the opening of mythos of the machine dreams dreaming A video based art installation featuring: Ginny Benson, Pat Spadine, David Linton, Mallie Sanford, and Erik Zajaceskowski. The show explores the notion of the mechanical Ouroboros. An idea by which the machine by creating thus creates reality/culture/relgion and-- therefore ,existence, is dreamed into being by belief created by the being of the machine… The art show will be a wordy and visual pun on belief structures as much as a sincere shrine and homage to the image of the machine, which by our thesis is thus the image that gives birth to belief.

The work will evoke the creation of the high holy temple of the ever present avatars of the gods of our mechanical digital age supplying us with glimpses of the veiled Promethean knowledge of our own psyche through a labyrinth of real unreality of the dreamscape of our lives. As we service the machine shrines that allow us to see into the world of ourselves in a reinforcing feedback loop of distorted creation of the darkness of civilization shown in light - conveying the notion that any system of belief is based on walking through the labyrinth of rituals and affectations that surround and create modern living this installation, both sculptural and video based, make shrines of the machines that remind us of that which they project: LIFE/DREAMS and the emergence of new religious order…

The machine as shrine: creating a shrine for your video/projection device - temple/alter of a new religion in which the machines you use for creating / modifying imagery is the avatar/relic/holy idol/graven image
projections as religion: using icons, symbols, and imagery of the world around us configured into a context that conveys their significance in structuring our thinking and perceptions transformed into a readily / easily perceived religious context… (Religion not, necessarily in the traditional sense, but the artist keeping in mind- esoteric systems and ideas which can be worshiped or believed in)

a machine made dreamscape/machine as god/goddess - the installation is as much about the machines as the projections - turning the machines themselves into a shrine or high priest/priestess that we maintain and service. In return for our devotion, the machines reproduce for us images that reinforce the ideology that maintains their priestly position of religious authority…

Pools of Muck

Pools of Muck from ashcan orchestra on Vimeo.

thanks to joe ahearn for getting me back on the video horse.

from video set of Apollo's Accidental Answer (an opera in 2 acts) 

tv/vhs camcorder closed loop feedback, mirrors, mylar


Video Data Storage

Ding! at Outpost from Clocktower

Listen here:


Truly an honor.

Heavy and Fun.

Percussionists Shayna Dunkelman, Fast Forward, Jake Nussbaum, Pat Spadine, and Tim Spelios in a 90-minute free session for metal instruments recorded live in concert at Outpost Gallery in December 2015. Trippy, funny, soothing, and deeply beautiful.

With over 100 instruments on hand, and some special chimes and handmade xylophones from David Horvitz and Skip LaPlante on loan, the five performers roamed the space freely exchanging sounds and musical messages using all. Bells, cymbals, toys, pots and pans, Tibetan bowls, a semi-truck wheel hub, a bucket of bottle caps, and some surprise interruptions, made the night.

As a kind of radio experiment, we have mixed two recordings of the event. One microphone was placed 15 feet above and the other at eye level, about 50 feet apart. The result is a time/space/sound warp, with a synchronization crossfade that meets in the middle and multiplies the magical illusion.

Recorded live in concert at Outpost Artists Resources in Ridgewood, Queens on December 22, 2015 as part of their ongoing concert series.


special thanks to Fast Forward for bailing out my sinking ship