Thursday, May 23, 2013

Saturday May 25th

Really Excited to be Hosting a Bunch of Great Folks 
at Le Wallet this weekend.
Come One, Come All.

Buck Gooter's own Billy Brat fights a Sonically Defiant Fish in 
"Big Mouth Billy & Bass"
G. Lucas Crane's Tape Manifestations and Alaina Stamatis' Vocal Confessions meet in
"Ogg Myst"
Cammisa B.'s and Alexandra G.'s Dialog make
"Eliza & Parry"
Shitar, Percussion, and Body are one when contortion dancer 
"The Amazing Amy" meets "Boston Bongo Dan"
 PC Worshipper & Shitgaze Superstar Justin Frye plays doublebass in the aptly titled
Handbells, Screams, Lightbulbs, and Drums get their Just Due with 
"Ashcan Orchestra"

saturday rarely looks this good.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wow. Great Video from 5.11.13

Big thanks to unARTig for this spectacular video from The Knockdown Center

1. Bell Piece #33
2. Percussion Construction #1 "an Oscilloscope display of a Particular Clang"
3. Bell Piece # 21 w/ The Amazing Amy
4. Bell Piece #31 w/ The Amazing Amy



also that evening Ashcan took part in Raft's Assemble X.
unARTig provided a beautiful document of that as well:

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

at Knockdown Center

May 11

8 p.m.
16 musicians playing A and E

Adam Holquist, Alexandra Drewchin Jr., Bonnie Baxter,
Camilla Ha, David First, Daniel Scheltt,
James Corrigan, Jason Poranski,
Jean Ann Dara, Kate Henderson,
Laura Ortman, Michael Durek,
Pat Spadine, Ted McGrath, Raft,
Sadaf H., Sto Len
w the Amazing Amy--contortion dancer
projector Yr Friend Matthew
52-19 flushing avenue

Ashcan will be joining tons of friends at the Knockdown Center.
                The space is incredible.
                              BYOB.  Picnic Tables. Come early and hang, in about as close to an outdoor setting as we can get. 
                                                            This is the place:

the bells are gonna sound good in here........