Thursday, May 23, 2013

Saturday May 25th

Really Excited to be Hosting a Bunch of Great Folks 
at Le Wallet this weekend.
Come One, Come All.

Buck Gooter's own Billy Brat fights a Sonically Defiant Fish in 
"Big Mouth Billy & Bass"
G. Lucas Crane's Tape Manifestations and Alaina Stamatis' Vocal Confessions meet in
"Ogg Myst"
Cammisa B.'s and Alexandra G.'s Dialog make
"Eliza & Parry"
Shitar, Percussion, and Body are one when contortion dancer 
"The Amazing Amy" meets "Boston Bongo Dan"
 PC Worshipper & Shitgaze Superstar Justin Frye plays doublebass in the aptly titled
Handbells, Screams, Lightbulbs, and Drums get their Just Due with 
"Ashcan Orchestra"

saturday rarely looks this good.