Thursday, May 19, 2011

ashcan001- for pianos on tape.

liner notes:

i am not a pianist.
but the piano is a giant wonderful structure, housing infinite colors made readily
accessible by it's visceral technology. 
i cannot help but to climb around the piano's resonances and plunder.

the tape recorder is not an instrument.
but the tape recorder is a fantastic little maze, with new exploitable obstacles ready
to sing in it's primitive structure.
i cannot help but to feel around in it's almost indeterminate shadows and plunder. 

both the piano and the tape recorder have been left behind for their inability to
adapt to new technologies.
it is these particular qualities, and the ways they compliment and draw new
expression from one another, that are under the microscope in this collection. 

ashcan orchestra : for pianos on tape
recorded at le wallet. brooklyn, ny

cd edition of 30

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